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RIP Chadwick Boseman: On Mourning Black Royalty and Collective Black Grief

I am crying as I write this. Not sobbing, but the slow, searing flow of tears that burn as they fall. I don’t have the strength to sob, and honestly, the burn is helping. It means that I can still feel something. This is not about me, though. This is about Chadwick Boseman. This is about the collective Black joy

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Blerd Galaxy Magazine SDCC 2020 Curated Recap YouTube Playlists

Comic-Con 2020 content is more accessible than ever. You can now watch all the panels from this year’s Con at your leisure on YouTube–from the comfort of your own home. No waiting rooms, or sold-out news to contend with. No overnight camping for Hall H necessary. No piecing together the panel from clips a week later. It is completely possible

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