‘Zola’ Sets Out a Clear Line Between Sex Work and Sex Trafficking that you won’t Forget

“Zola, although it’s fun, and you’re laughing and there’s music, dancing, underneath it’s like, ‘Oh, this is her processing her trauma through something’ that was actually a very dangerous situation.” Joi McMillon, Editor of the film ‘Zola’ The film Zola tells the story of a black girl of the same name (played by Taylour Paige) who is

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Is’Nana back in Action: “Birthday” Review

Do you remember Saturday morning cartoons? You know, cereal or oatmeal in hand, just before your momma turned on Luther and Anita to start the house cleaning routine… those Saturdays. That feeling of joy and expectation where absolutely nothing could ruin it? That is how it feels reading Is’nana Were-Spider: Birthday Day. Greg Anderson Elysee

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Virtuous con is Rocking Juneteenth weekend!

If you have not checked out the 2021 Virtuous Con this weekend yet, you are truly missing out! Virtuous Con is a Black woman-owned sci-fi, and fantasy convention that launched in November of 2020 that exists completely in the virtual space. Talk about when the world needed a hero, right?  This year they are hosting

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Facing Race Day 1 Recap

I didn’t realize that I was considered an activist until a few years ago.  It was brought to my attention when I was invited to speak at the 2016 Facing Race National Conference over four years ago. The bi-annual conference brings together community organizers from across the country to discuss how to implement racial as

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That Time When The Blerd Galaxy Board was On a SDCC Panel

Remember that time when the Blerd Galaxy Board members were on an SDCC panel with Jules Rivera and Camilla Zhang? Well, we were interviewed by CNN reporter Chris Morrow after the panel. Our interview posted weeks later. We found it and now we are sharing it with you. Listen as Vanee, Marqueeda, Regine, and Jonita

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Big $$$ News for Women in Comics Collective International

We are sending out a big CONGRATULATIONS to our mother company Women in Comics Collective International. They were among the recipients of the National Book Foundation’s Literary Arts Emergency Fund Grant Recipients. WinC joins other organizations such as the Third World Press Foundation, Kweli Journal, and so many others. Over 282 organizations were awarded a

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