Blerd Galaxy Magazine SDCC 2020 Curated Recap YouTube Playlists

Comic-Con 2020 content is more accessible than ever. You can now watch all the panels from this year’s Con at your leisure on YouTube–from the comfort of your own home. No waiting rooms, or sold-out news to contend with. No overnight camping for Hall H necessary. No piecing together the panel from clips a week later. It is completely possible to see every panel offered this year, many of which are returning favorites. 

It will come as a surprise to no one that Comic-Con International, the organization behind San Diego Comic-Con and this year’s virtual inception Comic-Con At Home, did stellar numbers on YouTube and experienced an explosion of activity during the 5-day online event. In traditional SDCC style panels were overwhelming in number.  It was hard to choose from the content that varied greatly from entertaining fandom 411 to informative creative pro tips along with some of  the weird and eclectic.

Now, where to start?

Waiting room fates at SDCC have been cruel. So if this is your first time, welcome. We hope you get to experience these panels and the con in all their glory in person in the near future. Have no fear, we got you.

Other con-goers know the struggle all too well.  To them we say, “the odds are forever in your favor, con veterans. We got you, too.

Blerd Galaxy Magazine has curated a recap playlist for each day of Comic-Con at Home including fandoms big and small, our faves, glow-up, and for the culture panels. All are available on Blerd Galaxy’s YouTube channel.

Sample of the panels selected: 

     NBC’s Superstore goes to                                  From Idea to Hired: Books, TV, Film & Comic-Con@Home                             Comics


Harry Potter and Black Panther:                                   Motherland: Fort Salem: A World of 

Using Pop Culture to Become Superheroes IRL                 Magic, Action, and Intrigue


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