Virtuous con is Rocking Juneteenth weekend!

If you have not checked out the 2021 Virtuous Con this weekend yet, you are truly missing out! Virtuous Con is a Black woman-owned sci-fi, and fantasy convention that launched in November of 2020 that exists completely in the virtual space. Talk about when the world needed a hero, right? 

This year they are hosting guests like the one and only Phil Lamar, who needs no introduction in nerd/blerd spaces, Dr. Rayen Baxter, author of Dread Nation Justina Ireland, Academy Award-winning director Peter Ramsey, and so many more!

For creators out there, if you are looking for a chance to connect and jumpstart your won work, Virtuous Con is hosting a Kickstarter Master Class mini-series! This is real Juneteenth weekend energy. They are sharing their work and reach with the world and giving the rest of us a chance to see how we can get our glow-up on too! This is clearly the virtue part of Virtuous Con, and we are here for it!

As a Black woman-owned convention, Virtuous Con: Juneteenth has a special meaning for

founder and award-winning author Cerece Rennie Murphy (The Order of the Seers, The Wolf

Queen), “Woven within the spirit of Juneteenth, as an event and a celebration, is the notion of

possibility and progress,” Murphy says. “We’re about leveraging creative freedom to expand the

narratives and mediums where marginalized voices can thrive. Each of our vendors and guests

is a shining example of that!”

Check out Virtuous Con on all their socials and follow the hashtag this weekend. You do NOT want to miss out!




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