Ms. Marvel – A Season 1 Reflection

Season one of the Disney Plus show, Ms. Marvel, just came to a triumphant end, and can I just say… wow.


What. A. Ride.

I grew up reading comics, Marvel comics specifically, but if I’m being honest, I didn’t read Ms. Marvel. I read a few issues when G. Willow Wilson first started writing the character, but then I fell off. Who is to say why. I honestly cannot recall. Today, however, I find myself with fingers itching to write about my absolute love and adoration for Kamala, her family, her friends, and her community.

You might have noticed that I didn’t say her heroism. I could have, but I didn’t. Ms. Marvel’s story, like many of the other Disney Plus Marvel shows, is more about Kamala the person, in my opinion. I mean, she wasn’t even granted her official hero name until the last moments of the last episode of the season. For Kamala Kahn, the hero-ing is not the point. Kamala is so refreshingly human (okay, mutant, but you know what I mean). Kamala and her crew are so refreshingly relatable, maybe more so than any other characters in the MCU yet.

For me, there was an instant spark of connection. It may be because I grew up in a strict religious conservative community similar to Kamala’s (not Muslim, but COGIC. IYKYK) that I felt so instantly drawn into her personal struggles. After episode 1, I was worried that they were going to try and give us the girl Peter Parker story, and just make her rials about being bullied by the cool kids. I was pleasantly surprised that this was not the direction the show writers went. Instead, we got family drama, BFF drama, frienemies, hidden crushes, unrequited love, toxic mommas, and Nani. Bless them for giving us Nani. I mean… they even catered to us Y.A. fans and gave us a possible love triangle… no square? Polygon of some sort? Whatever the geometric shape, we will all be forming teams and getting shirts made circa 2009 New Moon (or Catching Fire Circa 2013 if you have any real class at all… and you don’t if you were team Gale).

All that fun and drama aside, can we talk about the real drama? The acting! Hats off to both Iman Vellani (Kamala) and Matt Lintz (Bruno) whose portrayals truly carried the show. Vellani’s characterization of Kamala was truly the heart of the show, hands down, but Lintz’s Bruno was the soul. That young man could rip your heart out with one sad glance away… and he does! He did! When Vellani finally gave us her full Ms. Marvel, you are torn between cheering and crying! Not because of the special effects, but because of the special effect that this young woman has on viewers. We love her. It was so beautiful not just watching Kamala come into her own as Ms. Marvel, but watching Iman come into her own as Kamala, a character she has idolized for a very, very long time. That final fight scene was a real double whammy!

I know. There are apparently some really loud, whiny fanboys out there crying because this show is too “woke” because… ya know, it’s not about a white guy, but who cares what they think! I mean… seriously. Who cares? no one here at Blerd Galaxy! We are here for every single moment of Brown girl badassery that we can get from the crew down at Ms. Marvel, and we CANNOT WAIT to see more of her in the upcoming film, Marvels. I mean, at this point… Danvers, who (just kidding, Carol is cool…ish)? Y’all are giving us a whole Kamal Kahn AND Monica Rambeau?!?! Say less.

All in all, this show, this season, was a fantastic joy ride. Watching Iman grow into Kamala and Kamala grow into Ms. Marvel was a real treat. I personally can’t wait to see more of this hero and her whole community on the big and small screen. There is no going back now. We are all team Marvel.

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