Now YOU Can Join Women In Comics…Here’s How!

Women in Comics Collective (WinC) has relaunched and updated their website. Now, you can become a part of the WinC community or sponsor a membership for up-and-coming creators. That’s all that’s new with the group. For our new members, we have partner discounts, virtual events, a fellowship program, and special access on the website for members only!

The relaunch has been a long time coming, according to founder Regine Sawyer.

“WinC has been in existence for over 8 years. Over that length of time, we have hosted over 40 events, gained 150+ members, helped folks get work and exposure, and even saved a few jobs along the way. This relaunch just helps us to do more of that and then some. We are still the same ol’ organization, working to expand, diversify, and empower the industry- especially when it comes to amplifying the voices of marginalized gendered folks of color.”

Memberships are not only for comics creators. There are 10 levels of membership (21 if you count the monthly and annual memberships separately), that range from student to WinC partnership. The perks range from annual portfolio reviews and seminar invites on up to some serious WinC swag and 5 guest tickets to WinC events. there is so much more, including access to a whole community of women in comics just like you. The True Allyship tier is for people who would love to sponsor a membership for a creator who could use the community but are not in a financial position to become a member on their own.

You can read more from Sawyer on the Winc blog.

Take a few moments to explore the site as well. And please, apply for membership if you haven’t already!

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