Meet The Board: Vanee Smith

Hello! My name is Vanee Smith and I am the lead journalist for Blerd Galaxy. I have several years of experience as a freelance journalist and am the Lead for Women In Comics- West Coast, under the direction of Regine Sawyer.

I am an educator and I am passionate about Educational Justice and Anti-Racism in schools. I also serve on the board of, a non-profit organization dedicated to the social and financial well being of the Black community. So here are the credentials that you care about, the ones that count… my nerd credentials:

  • Got married in front of a Tardis with a sonic screwdriver… husband low-key cosplayed the 10th doctor.
  • My son’s newborn photoshoot was Superman/comic book-themed. 
  • I have a Firefly Cargo Crate box signed by the ENTIRE cast of Firefly next to me while I type this, and, no, I have never opened it. 
  • I have read The Lord of The Rings cover to cover… 3 times. Do not ask about The Hobbit or the movies as I have lost count.
  • I mostly read indie, Image, and Dark Horse comics… I save the “Big 2” for the kids in my class. 
  • I prefer the Marvel movies, but DC animation (and, yes… Teen Titans Go counts. We can fight)
  • The only Avatar I acknowledge is the bane of cabbage sellers, not Indigenous peoples. 
  • Steven Universe is EVERYTHING
  • No, I don’t watch anime, and no, you can’t have my nerd card for it. 
  • Black Lives Matter… full stop.