Is’Nana back in Action: “Birthday” Review

Do you remember Saturday morning cartoons? You know, cereal or oatmeal in hand, just before your momma turned on Luther and Anita to start the house cleaning routine… those Saturdays. That feeling of joy and expectation where absolutely nothing could ruin it? That is how it feels reading Is’nana Were-Spider: Birthday Day. Greg Anderson Elysee has, once again, managed to bottle lightning with the latest … Continue reading Is’Nana back in Action: “Birthday” Review

Comics Review: Spectre Deep 6

I feel like I have to say right away that I really, really enjoyed this graphic. It is not often that I can say that I read a comic and found myself smiling, laughing, and groaning because of the characters the whole way through. I just don’t. I am pretty judgy as a reader to be perfectly honest. I am admittedly difficult to impress. With … Continue reading Comics Review: Spectre Deep 6