Big $$$ News for Women in Comics Collective International

We are sending out a big CONGRATULATIONS to our mother company Women in Comics Collective International. They were among the recipients of the National Book Foundation’s Literary Arts Emergency Fund Grant Recipients. WinC joins other organizations such as the Third World Press Foundation, Kweli Journal, and so many others. Over 282 organizations were awarded a total of 3.5 million dollars.

According to the WinC announcement, “This is the second grant we received this year. Earlier this year, we were awarded the All in the Neighborhood grant by the Citizens Committee. COVID19 really has done a number on organizations like ours, but it has been such a gift to see how creative communities have come together to help each other at this difficult time.”

WinC is further helping the community by offering a database of grant resources for its members of any level. The announcement says, “our Resource Links page is filled with organizations that provide financial assistance to businesses and freelancers.” Go to the website and see if there is something there to help you.

News like this is great for us all because it is going to a company that helps independent women creators in the comics community. Check WinC’s announcement and site here. 


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