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Watch the Blerd Galaxy Team at the East Coast Age of Black Comics Convention

The Black East Coast Back Comics Creators E-Philly Convention was earlier this month, and the Blerd Galaxy team had a panel tho themselves. Listen as Marqueeda, Regine, Jonita, and Vanee discuss the state of comics and blerdom. The ECBACC Con airs online due to COVID-19 this year. For 18 years, the con has been a space for An annual gathering

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Women in Comics Must Stand Together for Fair Payment

The comic book industry holds a deep place in my heart. It has kept generations of people throughout the country and the world, not only entertained but has served to educate and expand artistic horizons. Initially considered to be only a children’s hobby, the average age of American comic book buyers ranges from 18-45 years old; with a growing demographic

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